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From Jason Dillon <>
Subject Re: [RTC] Merge m2migration (functional m2 build) to trunk
Date Tue, 25 Jul 2006 01:10:50 GMT
> Jason Dillon wrote:
>>> If things start to frustrate about them or walk away  
>>> from the
>>> terminal after typing up a nasty message...hitting delete before  
>>> send.
>> I have yet to send any message that I believe to have been nasty  
>> in nature.
> Jason, that was a tip for when you feel like saying something  
> nasty.  I
> am not, nor have I said anything you type up is nasty.  Lets not  
> beat a
> dead horse here and turn this into something its not.

I understand; I was just being clear that I had not been nasty...  
which one could derive from your response, not that you mean that I was.

> Jason, I can probably come up with a minimum of 10 emails from you
> within the last week or so that are either caustic, sarcastic, or
> expressing very opinionated views that are somewhat a waste of  
> space on
> these lists.

Ic... so you respond to my caustic or opinionated view with your  
caustic or opinionated view... don't see how that helps.

> Expressing your extreme disdain for Windows or responding
> to someone who is trying to communicate with you with  
> "whatever...." is
> not a way to build and forge good feelings among friends on these  
> lists.

How would you respond to someone who is berating you over and over  
with the same statements and not actively trying to resolve the issue  
as suggested by working a patch out?  Seems like my constructive  
requests for patches or more specifics are going unanswered... so  
"whatever..." I give up on trying.

>  I would bet that if you changed your tune on how you interact with
> people, you may find that your frustrations will dissipate.

My tune has only recently been starting to change because of the  
failed efforts of my previous tune which was to try and be patient  
and constructive and direct... granted I might not have been the most  
effective at it, but I am and will keep trying to do that... up to a  
point.  You chimed commenting about several emails after I had  
reached that threshold.

I am not convinced that there is one set, desired and effective way  
to communicate here.

> If you feel that my last email was not attempting to help in an  
> amicable
> way, then my apologies...I need to work on my communication skills.  I
> will not waste my time or yours further on this issue.  I suggest  
> we let
> this go at this time as its going nowhere fast :(

I do (and did) understand that was the point of your email... and my  
response was only to clarify to instigate, but based on your response  
I see that you might have misinterpreted what I said.

This is in fact the krux of our problems with emails... it is  
entirely to easy to misinterpret, misunderstand or misjudge based  
solely on textual representations.

But, I don't feel that it is wise to simply drop in a note for the  
last word, or to leave a comment that could be misinterpreted go  
unchallenged, as those situations tend to bread common (mis) 
conceptions of a situation which is not necessarily the accurate  

I believe we all need to work more on own communication skills...  
including myself.


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