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From David Blevins <>
Subject Re: Need clarification on RTC... Yet again... was: [Proposal] Tracking the status of patches under RTC
Date Sun, 02 Jul 2006 20:54:10 GMT

On Jul 2, 2006, at 12:43 AM, Jacek Laskowski wrote:

> On 7/2/06, Hiram Chirino <> wrote:
>> Whoa!
>> I think we have been operation under a different assumption.  I  
>> know I
>> committed a patch when 1 got 3 committer +1s...  And not even 1  
>> PMC member
>> looked at it.  And that took over a week to garner enough votes.   
>> Imagine
>> how long it would take if we had to get 3 PMC +1!  I think we need  
>> to clear
>> this up ASAP!
> It's been cleared up for some time, imho. We can do two things to work
> it out in a gentle manner:
> 1/ Be more active and describe the change so that not only are
> developers encouraged to test it out or even PMCers. Why is it that
> only committers and PMCers vote? Is the description of the change not
> easy to understand enough? I wonder what makes them unattractive for
> lurkers?
> 2/ Be more active and gain a PMC nomination so the number of PMCers  
> increases.

3/ Be more active if you are a PMC member.

And, yes, I agree with all three and also concur that as everyone has  
limited bandwidth to dedicate to all three.  You're right, we  
shouldn't just do what is easiest for us.


> They seem to be obvious things, but in RTC mode we operate nothing's
> as obvious as it was. We all learn RTC and with no other projects
> operating in RTC we're pioneers. With a limited bandwidth I've got I'm
> quite certain I'll work on patches that are easy to grasp and have
> extensive documentation behind them. Of course, the more talk about it
> in the dev mailing list the better as it will spur my interest in
> testing.
> Jacek
> -- 
> Jacek Laskowski

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