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From Jeff Genender <>
Subject Re: Liferay Plugin for G
Date Mon, 31 Jul 2006 20:41:48 GMT

Paul McMahan wrote:
> -  Jeff is helping with a new version of Liferay that can be deployed
> into Geronimo as an EAR file and can reuse some jars in Geronimo's
> repository.  My understanding is that those changes will be rolled
> into the next version of Liferay (4.1.0?).  I'm also going to see if
> the changes I made for Derby can make that release as well and then
> roll up a new version of the plugins.

I got it working, but it has found some nasties with Geronimo.  First,
the EAR deployment seems to want 1.5G in the JAVA_OPTS for memory to run
on Linux and MacOSX machines.  It seems to run fine there with those
memory settings.  But Windows can't seem to allocate more than 1.498G to
the Java heap, so it doesn't work on that platform.

The issue is, it runs fine in 1G on all other appservers, except for G.
 This likely is a problem in OpenEJB and I will have to profile why the
need for so much memory. :(


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