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From Joe Bohn <>
Subject Re: 1.1 keystore portlet bugs & patches
Date Mon, 31 Jul 2006 15:59:14 GMT

Aaron Mulder wrote:

>> Here's the serialization error on shutdown.  There are no errors on
>> restart but subsequent shutdowns continue to produce the same error if I
>> navigate to the portlet at all:
> Looks like it's putting an instance of the KeystoreInstance GBean in
> the session.  We should probably change the code to put some
> Serializable object in the session that holds the AbstractName for the
> KeystoreInstance and looks it up again from the kernel every time the
> portlet needs it.


It looked to me like were were already looking up the KeystoreInstance 
GBean on each view request in the portlet (renderView() in ListHandler). 
  Therefore, it seemed like the simpliest fix was to just make the 
KeystoreInstance transient in the BaseKeystoreHandler.KeystoreData class 
so that it wouldn't be serialized.  I put that change in last week. 
Please let me know if you see a problem with this.


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