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From Hernan Cunico <>
Subject Re: wiki migration
Date Mon, 31 Jul 2006 14:32:39 GMT
John Sisson wrote:
> Hernan Cunico wrote:
>> Hi All,
>> this is a friendly reminder that the Moin Moin wiki ( namely  
>> ) is being migrated to the confluence based 
> Great!
>> Please refrain from continuing updating content to the Moin Moin 
>> wiki. The current migration status can me seen at 
> I tried looking at the status and got a page not found.  I also tried 
> and got a "Not 
> Permitted" page.
Not sure what the problem is, I just clicked those two links and both 
worked without logging in. Does anyone else have this problem?
>> This is the raw content migrated so far from the Moin Moin wiki has 
>> not been edited yet, this is a temporary space while migrating.
>> This is the first step of several, later this content will be 
>> evaluated for accuracy and then incorporated to one of the 
>> sub-structures.
>> Comments, suggestions and HELP! are very much welcomed.
> Will information be moved to space for a particular release?  E.G. the 
> build instructions for 1.1.x will differ to 1.2?
Yes but first thing first, we need to totally move the Moin Moin content 
to confluence, get rid of the duplicated/obsolete information (do some 
housekeeping) and then get the good stuff reorganized into confluence 
structure. We may potentially need to create additional spaces.

Looking at the current organization we have we already have the content 
organized according to Geronimo versions, we may need to do some 
reorganization within those spaces (maybe consolidating user's and 
developer's guide into just user's guide for simplicity).

As soon as we have some material to put out for v1.2 we will create a 
new "Apache Geronimo v1.2" space with version specific info.

> Thanks,
> John
>> Cheers!
>> Hernan

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