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From John Sisson <>
Subject Re: 1.1.1 Status
Date Mon, 31 Jul 2006 14:25:29 GMT
Any objections to removing the licenses from the about page in the 
console. See GERONIMO-2136 (listed below)

FYI,  I was originally planning on upgrading Derby (*GERONIMO-2155 
<>)*, but the debug 
versions of the derby libraries aren't in the maven repos and I'm 
running out of time, so will leave as targeted for 1.x.


Matt Hogstrom wrote:
> There has been a lot of progress on 1.1.1.  We started with 61 issues 
> and we're down to 21 left.
> Originally I suggested that we branch on Friday.  I'd like to give a 
> little more time and would like to revise the branch to a freeze state 
> on Tuesday, August 1 at 0500 PT.  At that time I'll spin off 
> branches/1.1.1 and update branches/1.1 to be 1.1.2-SNAPSHOT.  We'll do 
> performance regression and TCK work during the next week and shoot for 
> an official release within two weeks.
> If anyone is opposed to this plan let me know.
> Also, please review the JIRA's below.  If you don't think you can get 
> thte ones done with your name please unassign yourself and hopefully 
> someone else will pick them up.
> Thanks.
> *Outstanding Issues*
> GERONIMO-2222     Open     John Sisson   
> Application errors in static initialization blocks during 
> serialization of configuration during deployment due to incorrect TCCL
> GERONIMO-2218     Open     Unassigned   
> KeyStore portlet: Functionality missing from 1.0
> GERONIMO-1906     Reopened     Sachin Patel   
> Cannot add a new connector using ActiveMQManagerGBean
> GERONIMO-1917     Open     David Jencks
> repository doesn't deal well with case insensitive file systems
> GERONIMO-1996     Open     John Sisson
> Serialization failure during deployment leaves a config.ser in the 
> repository but doesn't write a causing problems later.
> GERONIMO-2080     Open     John Sisson   
> Create a Geronimo Bug Guidelines Page
> GERONIMO-2169     Open     Kevan Miller
> Once tagged, the m:co goal of tags/1.1.1 should checkout the 
> corresponding tagged version of OpenEJB (not a branch)
> GERONIMO-2170     Open     Kevan Miller   
> Tagged versions of Geronimo should not include 
> in their list of maven repositories
> GERONIMO-2167     Open     Kevan Miller
> deployer.jar not cleaning up properly during redeploy and undeploy
> GERONIMO-2202     Open     Kevan Miller
> Move to new Apache Maven 1 repo (repo/m1-snapshot-repository 
> 1.2           
> GERONIMO-2030     Open     Unassigned
> Allow WebServiceBuilder determine if there are WebServices to be deployed
> GERONIMO-1476     Open     Unassigned
> Changes to default log4j.rootCategory are not dynamic
> GERONIMO-2228     Open     Unassigned
> generates wrong default-repository element
> GERONIMO-2230     Open     Aaron Mulder
> No cleanup after DeploymentWatcher exception
> GERONIMO-2142     Open     David Jencks
> EJB Refs to EJB in parent module often fail
> GERONIMO-2227     Open     David Jencks
> ENC Lookup Fix (include parent modules)
> GERONIMO-1557     Open     David Jencks
> When you enter the url of a web service in the console You should get 
> a page showing the service name
> GERONIMO-1531     Open     Unassigned
> KeyStore portlet should support deletion of certificates and private keys
> GERONIMO-1716     Open     Donald Woods
> Add usage of SimpleEncryption to PropertiesFileLoginModule and Admin 
> Console
> GERONIMO-2204     Open     David Jencks
> ProxyMethodInterceptor doesn't handle finalize appropriately
> GERONIMO-2136     Open     John Sisson
> Remove/Update licenses displayed in about page of console
> GERONIMO-1810     Open     John Sisson
> Improve the "Error: Unable to distribute foo.ear: Cannot deploy the 
> requested application module" message

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