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From Matt Hogstrom <>
Subject 1.1.1 Status
Date Thu, 27 Jul 2006 16:37:43 GMT
There has been a lot of progress on 1.1.1.  We started with 61 issues and we're down to 21

Originally I suggested that we branch on Friday.  I'd like to give a little more time and
would like 
to revise the branch to a freeze state on Tuesday, August 1 at 0500 PT.  At that time I'll
spin off 
branches/1.1.1 and update branches/1.1 to be 1.1.2-SNAPSHOT.  We'll do performance regression
TCK work during the next week and shoot for an official release within two weeks.

If anyone is opposed to this plan let me know.

Also, please review the JIRA's below.  If you don't think you can get thte ones done with
your name 
please unassign yourself and hopefully someone else will pick them up.


*Outstanding Issues*

GERONIMO-2222	 Open	 John Sisson	
Application errors in static initialization blocks during serialization of configuration during

deployment due to incorrect TCCL

GERONIMO-2218	 Open	 Unassigned	
KeyStore portlet: Functionality missing from 1.0

GERONIMO-1906	 Reopened	 Sachin Patel	
Cannot add a new connector using ActiveMQManagerGBean

GERONIMO-1917	 Open	 David Jencks
repository doesn't deal well with case insensitive file systems

GERONIMO-1996	 Open	 John Sisson
Serialization failure during deployment leaves a config.ser in the repository but doesn't
write a causing problems later.

GERONIMO-2080	 Open	 John Sisson	
Create a Geronimo Bug Guidelines Page

GERONIMO-2169	 Open	 Kevan Miller
Once tagged, the m:co goal of tags/1.1.1 should checkout the corresponding tagged version
of OpenEJB 
(not a branch)

GERONIMO-2170	 Open	 Kevan Miller	
Tagged versions of Geronimo should not include in their list
of maven 

GERONIMO-2167	 Open	 Kevan Miller
deployer.jar not cleaning up properly during redeploy and undeploy

GERONIMO-2202	 Open	 Kevan Miller
Move to new Apache Maven 1 repo (repo/m1-snapshot-repository 1.2			

GERONIMO-2030	 Open	 Unassigned
Allow WebServiceBuilder determine if there are WebServices to be deployed

GERONIMO-1476	 Open	 Unassigned
Changes to default log4j.rootCategory are not dynamic

GERONIMO-2228	 Open	 Unassigned generates wrong default-repository element

GERONIMO-2230	 Open	 Aaron Mulder
No cleanup after DeploymentWatcher exception

GERONIMO-2142	 Open	 David Jencks
EJB Refs to EJB in parent module often fail

GERONIMO-2227	 Open	 David Jencks
ENC Lookup Fix (include parent modules)

GERONIMO-1557	 Open	 David Jencks
When you enter the url of a web service in the console You should get a page showing the service

GERONIMO-1531	 Open	 Unassigned
KeyStore portlet should support deletion of certificates and private keys

GERONIMO-1716	 Open	 Donald Woods
Add usage of SimpleEncryption to PropertiesFileLoginModule and Admin Console

GERONIMO-2204	 Open	 David Jencks
ProxyMethodInterceptor doesn't handle finalize appropriately
GERONIMO-2136	 Open	 John Sisson
Remove/Update licenses displayed in about page of console

GERONIMO-1810	 Open	 John Sisson
Improve the "Error: Unable to distribute foo.ear: Cannot deploy the requested application

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