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From John Sisson <>
Subject Re: JIRAs adopter query/policy?
Date Wed, 26 Jul 2006 07:29:05 GMT wrote:
> Maybe it's just me, but this seems to smack of favoritism.  Just because I
> use Geronimo as the platform for my web applications running on my home
> network, or to host my open source project, why are my bugs less important
> than those of the engineers from IBM (or JPMorgan)?
> It seems to me that the existing voting mechanism provides both a more
> generic and more finely tuned approach for identifying the number of users
> that are impacted by a specific issue.
I also got the same feeling when first reading it, although I'm sure 
Sachin has only the best intentions raising it for discussion.

I feel a combination of setting the correct issue priority (based on the 
impact to the user, e.g. a crash with no practical workaround would be a 
Critical or Blocker) and use of the voting mechanism could identify hot 

We may need to encourage our user base to vote for bugs (educate them 
about the voting feature of JIRA) for this to work.


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> As the Geronimo user base grows, it is important that we be able to
> distinguish between JIRAs open during a development cycle to those that are
> being hit in the field or requested by companies who either use Geronimo or
> build products and or plugins on top of it.  So I suggest we provide a
> restricted "adopter required" field in JIRA.  This adopter field would be
> exposed to JIRA users who request and identify themselves as adopters.  So
> just like our query for available patches, we can easily query these and
> help ensure that these issues that companies face get the necessary
> attention and help resolve them faster then they would be otherwise.
> Thoughts?
> -sachin
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