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From Matt Hogstrom <>
Subject Re: Proposing an "SSB to JDBC" mode for Daytrader
Date Tue, 25 Jul 2006 01:56:38 GMT
I think this makes a lot of sense Chris.  I assume your adding a third runtime mode as opposed
removing the ejb mode?

I'd like to start thinking about how to rearchitect DT ro be more relevant.  I'd like to include
Spring mode as well as update the EJBs to EJB 3.0.

Any other thoughts out there?

Christopher Blythe wrote:
> The EJB and Direct modes in Daytrader provide a good measure of how a pure
> EJB (Session/CMP Entity) application stacks up against a pure JDBC based
> app. However, one of the things I have felt Trade/Daytrader has always
> lacked is a middle ground. In my experience, I have neither seen nor heard
> of a large number of customers out there in the market using the full EJB
> programming model (Session and Entity beans). I think a more common 
> customer
> usage scenario is the stateless session bean to JDBC model where the direct
> JDBC calls are wrapped/managed by the SSB.
> I have already taken a quick stab at an implementation since all it really
> requires is a merging of the TradeDirect and TradeBean code. I have most of
> the operations working on a single client, but haven't performed any load
> testing yet.
> Anyway, I wanted to submit the idea to group and see if there were any
> comments.

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