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From Matt Hogstrom <>
Subject Re: Maven2 Conversation Status
Date Fri, 21 Jul 2006 15:15:58 GMT
I'll take a peek at the branch this evening.  I'm kind of on vacation so I'm trying to limit
my time 
in front of the keyboard.

Based on this note and the others it sounds like the build is working and that you are suggesting
temporary blackout period when the migration is completed.  During the migration period the
Maven 1 
build will no longer work so we will effectively halt any development in trunk.  Based on
the commit 
log it doesn't really look like there is much going on now anyway so its probably not a huge
  Looks like some folks have left trunk for branches or the sandbox which is unfortunate.

How long do you estimate that the work will take and what happens if its not completed before
vacation?  I'm uncomfortable throwing M1 out if its going to be a three week conversion period.
may have answered this in the thread and if I missed it I apologize.

I'll post back later tonight.



Jason Dillon wrote:
> Good news... we are almost there.  Bad news... it will probably take 
> another week or so get everything *fully* functional.
> Right now we have a functional Jetty J2EE assembly, which almost all 
> components enabled.  Tomcat J2EE assembly is complaining still, but my 
> hunch is that the fix is relatively simple... for someone who knows 
> better than I.  The minimal assemblies are in close seconds, and should 
> be easy to get functional once the J2EE assemblies are finished.
> As many of you have noticed I have been working out of the 
> sandbox/svkmerge/m2migration branch for this work.  I've been tracking 
> changes made to trunk and merging them periodically to my sandbox so 
> that m2migration is kept up to date wrt to other changes.  I think that 
> this could start to get out of hand the longer that this work is kept 
> separate.  Already I've had to merge a few changes that would not be 
> needed if we had one tree to work from.
> It is my opinion that we should probably start the RTC process now for 
> merging the svkmerge/m2migration branch to trunk and to deprecate the 
> Maven 1 build... and nuke its build files.
> I believe that the m2 build is functional enough for people to work with 
> for bug fixes and other changes going into trunk.  I also believe that 
> the longer we keep m1 and m2 files around the more work it will be for 
> use to keep them in sync with each other.
> My recommendation is that we:
>  * RTC vote genesis to be a peer-project to trunk
>  * RTC vote the m2migration branch to be merged back to trunk
> I would prefer to finish up the work on trunk, but I am fine to merge 
> back to trunk a working m2 build and then continue on the m2migration 
> for another week or so to bunch up changes into per-week intervals for 
> RTC merge-back to trunk (this is not ideal, but will work if that is 
> what is required to get it done).
> IMO it is better to get trunk sync'd up with the new m2 work that has 
> been done so that when others change configuration that it will get 
> applied to the new build and not get lost in the transition.
> I am confident that we can get the m2 build finished in the next few 
> weeks... pending the time required to RTC.
> Can we get some commitment from PMC members to review and vote in these 
> changes so that we can finally finish the move to Maven 2?
> Please let me know what your opinion is.
> We are almost there... let's finish the job.
> --jason

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