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From Jeff Genender <>
Subject Re: Maven2 Conversation Status
Date Thu, 20 Jul 2006 21:59:36 GMT
IMHO, until its all completely functional and working, I would not wage
a +1 for moving it in and deprecating 1.0.  If you are interested in
moving in POMs and plugins, then I would be amenable to that.  However,
I would not at all be amenable to any sort of deprecation until the M2
build is 100% functional.

Jason Dillon wrote:
> Any other PMC members want to comment on this?
> --jason
> On 7/18/06, Jason Dillon <> wrote:
>> Good news... we are almost there.  Bad news... it will probably take
>> another week or so get everything *fully* functional.
>> Right now we have a functional Jetty J2EE assembly, which almost all
>> components enabled.  Tomcat J2EE assembly is complaining still, but
>> my hunch is that the fix is relatively simple... for someone who
>> knows better than I.  The minimal assemblies are in close seconds,
>> and should be easy to get functional once the J2EE assemblies are
>> finished.
>> As many of you have noticed I have been working out of the sandbox/
>> svkmerge/m2migration branch for this work.  I've been tracking
>> changes made to trunk and merging them periodically to my sandbox so
>> that m2migration is kept up to date wrt to other changes.  I think
>> that this could start to get out of hand the longer that this work is
>> kept separate.  Already I've had to merge a few changes that would
>> not be needed if we had one tree to work from.
>> It is my opinion that we should probably start the RTC process now
>> for merging the svkmerge/m2migration branch to trunk and to deprecate
>> the Maven 1 build... and nuke its build files.
>> I believe that the m2 build is functional enough for people to work
>> with for bug fixes and other changes going into trunk.  I also
>> believe that the longer we keep m1 and m2 files around the more work
>> it will be for use to keep them in sync with each other.
>> My recommendation is that we:
>>   * RTC vote genesis to be a peer-project to trunk
>>   * RTC vote the m2migration branch to be merged back to trunk
>> I would prefer to finish up the work on trunk, but I am fine to merge
>> back to trunk a working m2 build and then continue on the m2migration
>> for another week or so to bunch up changes into per-week intervals
>> for RTC merge-back to trunk (this is not ideal, but will work if that
>> is what is required to get it done).
>> IMO it is better to get trunk sync'd up with the new m2 work that has
>> been done so that when others change configuration that it will get
>> applied to the new build and not get lost in the transition.
>> I am confident that we can get the m2 build finished in the next few
>> weeks... pending the time required to RTC.
>> Can we get some commitment from PMC members to review and vote in
>> these changes so that we can finally finish the move to Maven 2?
>> Please let me know what your opinion is.
>> We are almost there... let's finish the job.
>> --jason

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