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From John Sisson <>
Subject Re: [DISCUSS] JIRA description text template for bug fixes
Date Sun, 16 Jul 2006 06:23:40 GMT
That would be great if you could go ahead with the changes for tracking RTC.

Let's wait a couple of days for comments before adding the proposed 
fields below for Geronimo bugs.

Thanks for your help Alan.


Alan D. Cabrera wrote:
> Adding the fields so that they only show up for Geronimo Bugs is 
> simple enough.  I can help.  BTW, what about our RTC state 
> discussion?  Can I go ahead and move on that idea?
> Regards,
> Alan
> John Sisson wrote:
>> I'm fine with using fields instead, as it would be more work for 
>> developers to use the wiki syntax (especially if they aren't familiar 
>> with it).  The main thing I'm trying to push is to have the 
>> information there.  I'm not so concerned how it looks.  The only 
>> downside I can see with separate fields is that if someone wants to 
>> search for a string AFAIK they now would have to search in multiple 
>> fields.
>> Any idea how much work would it be to add new fields?  Note that 
>> these new fields only make sense for bugs, not enhancements. Can we 
>> do this without infra's help?
>> Here are the "proposed" fields for discussion.  I have removed the 
>> Problem field, as it probably doesn't make sense to have both the 
>> existing Description field and a Problem field in the issue.
>> Description
>>     A short description of the problem that is being fixed. (not sure 
>> if we can have the usage text shown under the field differ based on 
>> the issue type?).
>> Symptom
>>    A description of the erroneous behavior. How does the user know 
>> that they've hit this problem?
>> Cause
>>    A description of the underlying defect which causes the symptom.
>> Solution
>>    Overview of how the problem has been fixed.
>> Workaround
>>    Techniques that can be used to avoid the problem, to minimize its 
>> symptoms, or to repair damage which has occurred.
>> I am planning to document JIRA usage on the Wiki as part of 
>> GERONIMO-2080, so the use of these fields would be covered in more 
>> detail (e.g. example text).
>> Comments?
>> John
>> Jason Dillon wrote:
>>> I think if we want to get folks to give us these sections of data 
>>> that we should probably add fields for them to fill in, not ask them 
>>> to use a wiki-based template.
>>> --jason
>>> On Jul 15, 2006, at 6:51 PM, John Sisson wrote:
>>>> Are your concerns about it being *way* to much related to the use 
>>>> wiki markup which you feel may be unproductive (not easy to use) 
>>>> and your solution to that is the suggestion of adding  new fields, 
>>>> or do you think it is *way* to much because  one would have to take 
>>>> more time thinking about and documenting a fix?
>>>> Thanks,
>>>> John
>>>> Aaron Mulder wrote:
>>>>> The issue in question looks great, but I think asking everyone to use
>>>>> a specific format within their description is *way* too much to ask.
>>>>> If you want to propose some fields be added (such as symptom and so
>>>>> on) that would be better, but they'd have to have some descriptive
>>>>> text so people could tell what to put where.
>>>>> Thanks,
>>>>>    Aaron
>>>>> On 7/15/06, John Sisson <> wrote:
>>>>>> What does everyone think of adopting a format similar to what I have
>>>>>> used in for JIRA
>>>>>> issues for "bug fixes".  I expect we would use a different format

>>>>>> for
>>>>>> enhancements.  I got the idea from Derby's wiki  page
>>>>>> .
>>>>>> When a JIRA for a bug is closed, we should ensure it's description
>>>>>> generally follows that format.  When a new JIRA is created, it 
>>>>>> should be
>>>>>> just a matter of copying some template wiki markup into the issue.
>>>>>> Following the format would have the following benefits:
>>>>>> * Makes developers think about the information that other
>>>>>> users/developers would want to know about the problem
>>>>>> * Helps users who searching for problems reported with the 
>>>>>> release they
>>>>>> are running to get a better understanding of the issues with that
>>>>>> release and whether there are any workarounds to get them by 
>>>>>> until the
>>>>>> next release.
>>>>>> If people are happy I'll add a wiki entry about the format.
>>>>>> Regards,
>>>>>> John

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