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From Jeff Genender <>
Subject Re: JEE 5.0 Report Card
Date Sat, 08 Jul 2006 03:07:38 GMT
Thanks for taking action on this Dave...great idea.


David Klavon wrote:
> There has been a couple of requests on the user list about where
> Geronimo is in regard to moving to JEE 5.0.  I started a 'JEE 5.0 Report
> Card' in the wiki in an attempt to capture all of the JEE 5.0 JSRs, and
> communicate where Geronimo plans to gain support for the various spec
> upgrades.   Some of the packages listed are just ideas at this point in
> order to launch further discussion.
> Given that the JEE 5.0 rollout is expected to be implemented across
> several months and releases, it would be helpful to keep this chart
> updated as each JSR is addressed so our users know our rollout plan.
> Take a look... comments for improvement are welcomed.
> Dave

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