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From John Sisson <>
Subject Added confluence pages "Committing patches to the Subversion Repository" and "How to prepare and contribute patches"
Date Fri, 07 Jul 2006 01:46:25 GMT
I have added the page "Committing patches to the Subversion Repository" 
as a place to document the issues/recommendations involved in applying 
and committing patches. See

It is very much under construction and is based upon a mail from the 
derby lists that discussed processes for committing patches

I haven't spent much time on it yet, but thought it would be worthwhile 
getting a confluence page started that everyone can update with their 
encounters with patches so we can develop some guidelines that can be 
used for people new to the project in the future.

I have also created a related "How to prepare and contribute patches" 
Currently this just contains some links to some similar pages on other 
projects that may have some useful content.  If anyone knows of other 
pages that may provide a good base to work from, please to add them to 
the page.



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