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From "Alan D. Cabrera" <>
Subject Re: [Proposal] Tracking the status of patches under RTC (was Re: [RTC] Clarification please from the PMC)
Date Sun, 02 Jul 2006 22:42:17 GMT
Jacek Laskowski wrote:
> On 7/2/06, Alan D. Cabrera <> wrote:
>> Please read Ken's original email:

>> As far as not considering commiters votes binding, this has never been
>> the way Geronimo was run.  If things have changed and the PMC has
>> decided that this is the new way to go, ok.  But let there be no
>> confusion as to the way things used to work.
> What about this:

A comment in the middle of a long and arduous thread.  Not quite an 
official notice that Ken and/or the PMC have changed their mind from 
what was stated during the official announcement of the change to RTC 
sent out the previous month.

> As far as binding votes go it's never been such a distinction between
> people heavily involved in Geronimo development and PMCers. We were
> pretty close to PMCers == committers and I don't remember a situation
> where -1 was issued. There were enough +1's from PMCers. Therefore,
> *I* would say it's almost impossible to compare what's happening now
> with what was in the past. The situation is new and uncomparable to
> anything as far as I understand it (and thus there're so many
> misunderstandings and discussion about what RTC really means).

So are you saying that it was your understanding that, all along during 
the history of Geronimo, commiters votes never mattered?  I honestly 
don't recall us making that distinction, ever.

IMHO, there is no misunderstanding to what RTC means now; it means 3 +1 
PMC votes.  There is confusion not because we had been operating along 
the lines of PMC votes only count for matters of code and now the 
committee make up has changed.  There is confusion because Ken's 
official announcement said 3 +1 committer votes.

>> Please confirm that this is the new way that the PMC has decided to run
>> things.
> It's never changed - only PMC votes are binding as outlined in
>, but I myself consider
> any vote binding as far as changes are concerned. A release is a legal
> stuff so it requires a special attention from ASF itself and thus the
> requirement about PMCers and their binding votes.

Jacek, I understand what the HTML page says.  I am not arguing against 
what it says nor am I arguing against the value of such a position.  I 
am one of the founding members of Geronimo and I don't recall that we 
ever made a distinction between commiters and PMC members when it came 
to what gets checked into the code base.

If you guys want to change the way we've been previously working, more 
specifically in regards to RTC, then fine.  Let's do it.  But don't 
pretend that we all have been operating that way all along because we 
have not.


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