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From Rick McGuire <>
Subject Re: Need clarification on RTC... Yet again... was: [Proposal] Tracking the status of patches under RTC
Date Sun, 02 Jul 2006 20:08:01 GMT
Jacek Laskowski wrote:
> On 7/2/06, Hiram Chirino <> wrote:
>> Whoa!
>> I think we have been operation under a different assumption.  I know I
>> committed a patch when 1 got 3 committer +1s...  And not even 1 PMC 
>> member
>> looked at it.  And that took over a week to garner enough votes.  
>> Imagine
>> how long it would take if we had to get 3 PMC +1!  I think we need to 
>> clear
>> this up ASAP!
> It's been cleared up for some time, imho. We can do two things to work
> it out in a gentle manner:
I disagree that it has been cleared up for some time.  The fact that 
only PMC members votes count is certainly new news to me.  I've already 
committed one back of changes improperly, based on receiving 4 +1 votes 
that apparantly don't count.  I've got 2 more [RTC] reviews pending 
where 2 people have taken the time to test and vote on my patches, only 
to now discover that their votes don't count, so they were essentially 
wasting their time.  These patches have been sitting in [RTC] for 10 
days now, I've only seen activity from 1 PMC member so far at looking at 

> 1/ Be more active and describe the change so that not only are
> developers encouraged to test it out or even PMCers. Why is it that
> only committers and PMCers vote? Is the description of the change not
> easy to understand enough? I wonder what makes them unattractive for
> lurkers?
> 2/ Be more active and gain a PMC nomination so the number of PMCers 
> increases.
And that sounds like a path to do nothing but spending your time testing 
and voting on others patches, and not getting to spend any time working 
on stuff that interests you. 

> They seem to be obvious things, but in RTC mode we operate nothing's
> as obvious as it was. We all learn RTC and with no other projects
> operating in RTC we're pioneers. With a limited bandwidth I've got I'm
> quite certain I'll work on patches that are easy to grasp and have
> extensive documentation behind them. Of course, the more talk about it
> in the dev mailing list the better as it will spur my interest in
> testing.
> Jacek

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