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From "Paul McMahan" <>
Subject Re: Geronimo site POC using Confluence & Autoexport
Date Tue, 25 Jul 2006 12:51:46 GMT
Jason,  nice work!  Using a wiki for the website will make it easier
to make changes to the website. This also allows the website to take
advantage of the many bells and whistles in Confluence.

A few questions:

security -- how will edit access be restricted?  as you know right now
only a committer with an ASF account can change the website (which IMO
is a good thing).   how will that ACL translate to the wiki site and
how will it be maintained?

performance -- the site seems pretty snappy to me but I have heard
some rumblings about confluence performance.  can it handle being

flexibility -- is the wiki flexible enough to handle any html/css that
we can throw at it?  for example, the current design was donated by
Epiq a while back and IIUC integrating it into existing website
template system was pretty straightforward.  does confluence present
any limitations that would make this type of activity more difficult?

maintenance -- how much Confluence expertise will it require to
maintain the site, especially if we start using custom plugins, etc?
how hard would it be to migrate the site contents to a different Wiki
system or to revert back to a "standard" website if that became

Again I really like the work you've done and think it shows a lot of promise.

Best wishes,

On 7/25/06, Jason Dillon <> wrote:
> I had been wanting to use Confluence as the primary Geronimo website
> for a while now... and finally just went and created proof of concept
> that it might actually work... check out:
> Looks familiar?  It should, cause its the same layout that we have on
> (with a new minor changes).
> I have not done much content wise... but I did get all of the side
> navigation pages setup and rendering from "SideNav *" pages (each has
> its own page)... though most of those links point to non-existent
> pages (hence the +).
> Looks like there is a still a bit more work that needs to be done to
> refine the autoexpert plugin... like the news links in the "Geronimo
> News" section which are Confluence news pages link you to the
> Confluence page, not the exported page (
> GMOxSITE/2006/07/25/test-news-post.html).
> Also some more dynamic stuff, like adding new news does not
> automatically export the pages.  I think this is okay, we can auto
> export on a periodic schedule to get around this limitation... or
> just fix the plugin to be a tad more intelligent.
> I've attached the vsl if anyone is interested to see the magic needed
> to get autoexport to do this...
>   * * *
> Anyways, something to think about... I think its got a lot of
> potential (or I would not still be up at 3am hacking on it) :-)
> --jason

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