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From "Paul McMahan" <>
Subject Re: Liferay Plugin for G
Date Fri, 21 Jul 2006 03:23:22 GMT
On 7/20/06, Jeff Genender <> wrote:
> Paul McMahan wrote:
> > Hey folks.  I have the Liferay Portal plugin ready to make available
> > so others can start looking at it and provide feedback.  It actually
> > consists of two separate plugins --- the Liferay WAR and a Derby RAR.
> >
> > I created the Liferay WAR by exporting it from the Geronimo version of
> > Liferay offered at  Then I made some adjustments to it so
> > it could deploy into Geronimo 1.1 and so it could work with Derby.
> > Jeff, IIUC you're already working with the Liferay devs on an EJB
> > version so maybe I can synch up with you instead of contributing
> > patches to Liferay separately?
> Absolutely...I handed off a geronimo-application.xml to them and they
> are making some changes on their side.  I would be happy to share the DD
> if you would like.

Great! please send me the DD when you get a chance.  I'll compare it
with mine and combine it with the other changes I'm sending to the
Liferay folks.  Those other changes include:

-  Changed the default context root from "/" to "/liferay" in order to
avoid collision with Geronimo's welcome app
-  Added Derby to Liferay's Hibernate dialects
-  Added support for Derby to the code that generates Liferay's schema
and database initialization SQL


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