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From anita kulshreshtha <>
Subject Re: Re: [RTC] Merge m2migration (functional m2 build) to trunk
Date Tue, 25 Jul 2006 13:50:28 GMT
--- Jason Dillon <> wrote:

> Can you please give me a patch that fixes the problems (without
> System.out.*) based on the m2migration branch?  I've asked you a few
> times... so for I get a lot of mail like this one... but no patches.

    you aksed me on to make a patch for the branch on July 10th. I
looked at the code and saw that you made the following changes to the
packaging plugin:
1. Renamed the plugin
2. Changed the package structure
3. Changed the directory layout to standard M2 layout, even though the
rest of the project and the geronimo-deployment _plugin_ still use the
old layout!  
4. Used non geronimo coding style.
    In the past subjective changes like this were discussed on the list
so people can provide their input.
5. Removed plexus component.xml (you have reverted this change now)
   I quickly realized that it was going to require lot more effort to
create the patch. If I had the time, I would have created the patch for
you. July is not the most productive time for me. The schools are off
and I must attend to other children's activities. IMO, the fastest way
to get this working will be for you to add the code from the
m2-plugins.patch to your code. If you need the java files, I will be
happy to upload them. 
   Once again I will request you to use ${j2eeJettyServer} etc for
deploymentConfig. If it was up to me I would choose ease of use over
Maven's preferred ways. This plugin is used by many users who really do
not care to know about the deployers let alone their ordering. As far
as they are concerned they want to specify which custom server they are
packaging for. As we provide more custom servers we will be adding new


> > Jason,
> >     All this functionality and more was available in the packaging
> > plugin on the trunk. 
> --jason

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