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From Jason Dillon <>
Subject Re: [RTC] Vote on GERONIMO-2161 - restart 1
Date Fri, 07 Jul 2006 07:12:50 GMT
> I think it would be much better if the person who makes a change is
> not the one who commits it to trunk, but the last PMCer who voted for
> it. And a branch the change is built from is established. The solution
> has such a good effect that the person who works on changes don't have
> to worry about the commit date until it's rejected when (s)he or
> anyone else will fix it and a vote starts over (with 24-hour time
> period). Another good effect is that knowing the revisions a change
> that's being voted, one can continue his/her work without worrying
> about disrupting the vote process as the revisions are still in the
> branch. Phew, I do like the idea! ;-)

IMO... way to much process.

-1 to this and any other way ways to slow down progress.

We need to find more effective ways to work with RTC, not more ways  
to put up road blocks.


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