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From Jason Dillon <>
Subject A few tests need some help
Date Sat, 08 Jul 2006 03:03:50 GMT
I've reconfigured all modules to us the latest surefire plugin, and  
most tests work... except for a few exceptions:


Each of these fail in someway that was not obvious to me why, so I  
configured these specific tests to be excluded.  I've removed all of  
the maven.test.skip=true bits from poms and recommend that they never  
be re-added.  IMO, the tests must always pass and they should be  
quick enough to run and thus not force people to disable them to run  

All of this work is in this branch: 

I've given up on submitting patches for the moment, but I plan on  
creating an RTC issue when there is significant change to be applied  
back to trunk... and will provide a patch for clarity, but recommend  
that folks use this branch to test/validate on top of scanning the  

I would appreciate some help in resoling why the above listed tests  
are failing.

One major thing that has changed, is that the working directory for  
tests has been changed from ${basedir} to ${basedir}/target, so there  
were several changes needed to bind files to the correct path.  IMO  
this is a best practice, regardless of what the working directory  
is.... tests should always use ${basedir} to root themselves and  
ensure that the tests will work even when the working directory changes.

I do not believe that the failed tests listed above fail because of  
this change, but it is possible that they are for reasons I do not  

  * * *

A side note, we should create a module that contains support classes  
for unit (and integration) tests to allow some of the redundant code  
to be collected, organized and maintained in a central location.  I  
believe we will want to implement this soon after the m2 migration is  
complete and update all tests to extend from that framework to  
simplify the code required to perform highly reliable testing.

Logging configuration is still a bit whack for tests... some tests  
spit out a bunch of junk while others just complain with Log4j  
configuration warnings.  I will be resolving this shortly with the  
implementation of the logging-config plugin extension, which will  
allow all modules to share the same config.. BUT before this will  
work we need to setup a peer project for all of the independent build  

More mail to come on that soon.  I plan on setting up a project in  
the sandbox, proving and example for how it works using this sandbox/ 
svkmerge/m2migration branch and then detailing/documenting it to the  
list once it is functional.

If you have any questions or comments please let me know.

And... again, can I get someone to look at why the tests listed above  



PS. sandbox/svkmerge/m2migration also has the latest assembly plugin  
changes from GERONIMO-1737 which I am also evaluating.

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