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From "James Strachan" <>
Subject Re: [RTC] XBEAN-13 and XBEAN-14
Date Tue, 06 Jun 2006 12:51:45 GMT
+1.  I've wanted both of these things fixed for some time so we can
both support spring 2.x in ActiveMQ and ServiceMix together with throw
more suitable error messages when folks mess up their XML (which
happens fairly frequently on the ActiveMQ user list).

BTW something thats very easy to do in XBean is...

<beans xmlns="">....

<!-- some specific namespaced XML -->
<broker> ... </broker>

<!-- some regular Spring XML but not in the global namespace -->
<bean class="foo"></bean>


The <bean> element needs an xmlns="" to take it out of the ActiveMQ namespace.

I guess we should try encourage folks to put the custom namespace on
the custom element (like the <broker> element to reduce the chances of
mistakes. But I was wondering if we'd add an extra useful error
message that for an unknown QName of XML, if the localName were 'bean'
we could add a warning recommend the user adds xmlns="" to their

On 6/6/06, Guillaume Nodet <> wrote:
> is a very minor patch to
> throw a meaninfull exception instead of an NPE at a later time when the
> <classpath><location>xxx</location></classpath>  tags are used
in a
> spring configuration file and the specified location is not found.
> is a major enhancement of
> xbean-spring to support Spring 2.0-m5.
> I have created a branch instead of a patch, because of the need to split
> the existing xbean-spring module into two parts.
> The branch is available at
> and
> the revisions links
> are availanble in the JIRA.
> In addition I added integration tests to ensure that xbean-spring is
> fully compatible with all spring versions >= 1.2.4,
> which was not the case, despite a modification I made for the latest
> xbean release.
> Here's my +1 for applying the XBEAN-13 patch and merging the branch to
> trunk for XBEAN-14.
> Please vote.
> Cheers,
> Guillaume Nodet



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