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From "Prasad Kashyap" <>
Subject Assembling a Geronimo distribution in a m2 build - first look.
Date Fri, 30 Jun 2006 19:42:10 GMT
For those of you who wish to play with the assembly of Geronimo
distribution, here it is.

1. Check out maven-assembly-plugin src from

2. Apply the patch maven-assembly-plugin.patch attached to this mail
to the source checked out above.

3. Build the maven-assembly-plugin using the command
$> mvn install -Dmaven.test.skip=true
Skipping test is very important to install the plugin into the repo.
See Issue #1 below.

4. Apply the geronimo-assembly-plugin.patch attached to this mail from
the top level geronimo directory.

5. Build the geronimo-assembly-plugin.
$> cd geronimo/m2-plugins/geronimo-assembly-plugin
$> mvn

6. Apply the patch j2ee-jetty-server.patch attached to this mail from
the top level geronimo directory.

7. Build the assembly
$> cd geronimo/assembles/j2ee-jetty-server
$> mvn clean install

1. maven-assembly-plugin has test failures with this patch. This is
due to the way plexus archiver treats the archive contents differently
when added as addDirectory()  and addFile(). I am working with Jesse
McConnell and John Casey to fix this. Due to the July 4th vacation, it
may be a while before it can get fixed. Once the test failures are
fixed, we can hope to get the maven-assembly-plugin patch applied and
a release published.

2. I haven't had a complete assembly distribution yet. This is because
I haven't been able to build configs completely. It has been failing
on openejb-deployer. Those who have had luck with configs may get a
full assembly distribution.

3. A minor thing to note that is that this geronimo-assembly-plugin
may be renamed to match the installConfig mojo in it. Or plugin may be
merged with the geronimo-packaging-plugin. This plugin contains only 1
mojo whose goal is to install CAR files. This plugin is ready for
review and a RTC vote. It's final placement can also be discussed and


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