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From "Prasad Kashyap" <>
Subject Re: Request change to RTC Process
Date Mon, 19 Jun 2006 16:23:08 GMT
On 6/17/06, Rodent of Unusual Size <> wrote:
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> I don't consider this valid, either.  If you have the
> time to be a committer, you have the time to be part of
> the community and collaborate with your peers on the
> project.  One thing about RTC is that it tends to promote
> interaction, since people are dependent on each other and
> the occasional quid pro quo -- unlike the everyone haring
> off in his own direction with no-one else watching that
> can occur (and has occurred) under CTR.
> No-one says you have to test *anyone* else's patches.  Unless,
> of course, you hope they'll test *yours*, which is where
> the collaboration-for-the-project aspect comes in.  So if
> you don't find time to test someone else's code, regardless
> of for whom he may work, don't expect him to spend a lot
> of time testing *yours*.

True. But this quid pro quo holds good only for code submitted by
committers. Consider the case of active contributors who are
non-committers. If they choose to work on JIRAs in the wish list, it
will be quite a herculean task for them to get a sign-off from 3
committers. The "you scratch my back, I'll scratch yours" convenience
is not available for non-committers.

Going by this thread, if the committers of the project are
apprehensive about the RTC model and are requesting changes, then
contributors have an even tougher task cut out for them.  I hope that
doesn't sent a message to the community that only patches from
committers have any chance of getting in. I hope that doesn't
de-moralize the non-committers and turn them away from the project.

The RTC is not entirely bad either. It is a good thing to happen to
the project but not in it's present form. What would be good for
Geronimo would be take the best of RTC and CTR.

Here's something to think about -
1) Bug fixes (esp. blockers)  shouldn't need a review.
2) Improvements need atleast ONE +1 vote by a commiter. RTC turns into
CTR after 15 days. A reminder message to be sent 3 days before the
model changes to CTR.
3) Features need THREE +1 votes by other committers. RTC turns into
CTR after 30 days. A reminder message to be sent 7 days before the
model changes to CTR

Just a suggestion.


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