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From "Hiram Chirino" <>
Subject Re: Frustrations of a Release Manager
Date Wed, 14 Jun 2006 22:27:46 GMT
Hi Ken,

On 6/12/06, Rodent of Unusual Size <> wrote:
> Aaron wrote:
> > Also, who has accused who of intimidation and how?
> I responded:
> > People who feel intimidated don't speak up about it until/unless they
> > feel comfortable.  It's not for me to reveal their information; they
> > can do so themselves on the dev list.  If they feel comfortable doing
> > so.

This feels wrong to me.  It might just be my personal philosophy, but
typically, I don't give any credit to an accusation unless the accuser
is willing to stand behind the accusation in the open.  Yes, I
understand the concept of feeling intimidated, but that concept is to
easy to hide behind for the purpose of slinging around false


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