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From "Stefan Arentz" <>
Subject Plugins - Wow!
Date Fri, 16 Jun 2006 12:08:14 GMT
I just installed the JSP examples through:

 java -jar $GERONIMO_HOME/bin/deployer.jar --user system --password manager \

Which I accidentally found while catching up with this list.

Wow. This is really nice! I can imagine telling the admins of my
current customer to download Geronimo and pointing it to the internal
plugin repository to turn a plain vanilla geronimo into a website
cluster node or a backend component. This will make my life so much
easier :-)

Some questions though:

Will standard components like ActiveMQ and Derby also become available
as plugins? It would be really nice to simply start with
geronimo-minimal and then just add those components that you need.

When I installed the JSP Examples component it also installed
commons-collections-.3.1. But when I undeployed the examples, it kept
the commons-collections in the repository. I know this is very tricky,
but maybe it is nice to have a 'uninstall-plugin' command that also
purges dependencies that are not referenced anymore.

Documentation :-) I have questions like what is a plugin, what does
the repository look like, how do I build my own plugin, etc. Is there
anything available now that I can start with? I have some ideas for
plugins and I can easily document one of them on my blog. I just have
no idea where to start now.


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