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From Kevan Miller <>
Subject Re: 1.1.1 Release Goals
Date Fri, 16 Jun 2006 14:39:14 GMT
This is good. However, I think it's useful to think in terms of a  
1.1.x release stream, or at least two 1.1.x releases. Where 1.1.1 is  
going to address our worst/highest priority problems. 1.1.x should be  
very soon (a few weeks?) after 1.1. This would be followed by a 1.1.2  
which I think would be the target for the majority of the bug fixes  
and performance improvements that you're proposing. Thoughts?


On Jun 16, 2006, at 10:21 AM, Matt Hogstrom wrote:

> Here is my proposal for defining the exit criteria for this release  
> stream.  I would like to volunteer to lead the 1.1.1 release.   
> Please respond if that is acceptable to you.
> *Goals*
> This is a maintenance release and as such it will be limited to:
> *1. Bug fixes.*
> There are approximately 50 JIRAs currently identified for 1.1.1.   
> These are fixing issues related to deployment, runtime, etc.
> *2. Usability improvements.*
> These will be limited in scope to correcting user interfaces  
> issues, error messages, etc.
> *3. Performance improvements.*
> Examining performance using DayTrader and improving existing  
> function as well as discussing some limited functional improvements  
> that are missing.  These changes will not break applications  
> deployed on 1.1.  Applications from 1.1 will be able to move  
> forward without modification.
> *Timeframe*
> This is not  time limited release.  We will agree on the JIRA list  
> and will focus on closing the JIRAs that are agreed to for the  
> release.  Once those JIRAs are complete (or we decided to move one  
> or more out of the release for whatever reason) the project will be  
> versioned and released.
> *JIRA*
> As noted earlier, JIRA will be used to manage the release.  I  
> proposed that the JIRA's that are accepted into the 1.1 release are  
> marked to unassigned.  If someone is interested in working on the  
> JIRA they'll simply assign it to themselves.  This way anyone that  
> wants to participate can easily identify what areas need more work.
> *Next Steps*
> Please review the JIRA's that are in 1.1.  If there are fixes that  
> should be included please propose them for inclusion.  Once we have  
> a set of work items then we can get 1.1.1 done.
> Comments or corrections to the above proposal welcome.
> Matt

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