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From Jason Dillon <>
Subject Re: What is the point of the CAR file?
Date Wed, 28 Jun 2006 21:38:27 GMT
>> They appears to be compiled plan.xml or something... but why do we  
>> need this?  Why not deploy the plan.xml and then let any  
>> processing happen inside of the server... and eliminate the need  
>> for any build-tiime custom CAR mucky muck?
> I'm not real enthusiastic about debating this at length right now,  
> but I strongly object to removing the concept of car files.  I'm  
> not thrilled with replaicing the seriailzed gbean content with xml  
> but don't object.  I do object to requiring any builders to be  
> running in a server in order to start any modules.  The idea behind  
> car files is to convert any kind of input configuration info into a  
> basic format that requires no thought to load and run.

Why can't that basic format be the plan.xml file?

> Starting with the plan.xml at runtime will require making sure  
> somehow that any builders needed to interpret the plan are started.

Why is this a bad thing?  I would personally rather do this, than  
have a build-time process generate a serialized object and then use  
that as the input for the server.  I'd much, much rather see the XML  
file go to the server and then have it perform all required processing.

  * * *

It seems to me that the CAR file and the required maven plugin to  
generate it is one of the biggest problems that we are going to run  
into when moving to m2.  I don't believe that we want to have our  
build process be dependent on artifacts of the same build.

IMO, removing of CAR files would be a significant simplification from  
build and deployment aspects.

Having to have builders loaded/running in the server does not seem  
like a major problem to me (or even a minor problem).

But, I do see that the chicken-egg plugin required to generate CAR  
files is a major problem.


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