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From Jason Dillon <>
Subject Re: [RTC] - Fix top pom to reference right plugin
Date Fri, 30 Jun 2006 18:15:43 GMT
>> I think its by coincidence that we have 1.2-SNAPSHOT for both the  
>> plugin
>> and the G codebase...if its not coincidence, then it shouldn't be.
>> IMHO, the plugin should be versioned differently. In fact...I may  
>> even
>> go as far as to say, the packaging plugin can be useful outside of
>> geronimo itself (people building their own packages, etc) and  
>> probably
>> should be in its own tree or even be a mojo.  I am personally against
>> locking the G verison to the plugin version...I would like to see  
>> them
>> seperated.
> Can you explain how this could possibly work since the packaging  
> plugin uses geronimo core code to do all its work?  How can it  
> possibly make sense to version something that is a way of running  
> some code in maven differently than the code that is being run?

Short-term I do not believe it can...

And I don't think we should try to resolve this until we have a  
functional m2 build.  After we are up on m2 then we can fix issues  
like this, but I believe it is premature to try to do so now.


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