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From Jason Dillon <>
Subject Re: M2 Issues and Actions
Date Fri, 30 Jun 2006 18:00:25 GMT
>> While this may work most of the time, it is not ideal as when making
>> changes to plugins, users will be mystified when those changes are
>> not used on the first build.
>    This is not true. The plugin is *not* used before it is built. The
> problem is that maven does not even start the build until it has
> downloaded all the plugins. Even a dummy plugin would work.

Um... it is completely true.  I am aware that the plugin is not used  
before it is built.

BUT the point that I was making was that Maven must resolve the  
plugin before the build commences... that means that the plugin must  
exist in a repository (or cache) already, and that is the version  
that will be used for the current build cycle... NOT the plugin that  
will be compiled and installed as part of the current build.

Therefor the current build will always use the version of the plugin  
that was built BEFORE the build started, NOT the version that is  
actually getting built.

This is why I suggested that the plugin either be part of another  
project (detached from the main build) or as part of a bootstrap  
phase that is executed before the main build cycle.


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