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From Jason Dillon <>
Subject Re: Unable to build using m2
Date Tue, 27 Jun 2006 20:59:08 GMT
>> It's clear to me that we need to break out our plugins build and  
>> get the plugins published ASAP.  I asked this in another thread,  
>> what will it take to get this published?  I don't think that it's  
>> too much trouble, just an RTC to break the plugin out and then we  
>> just start publishing the snapshots.  We can shoot for a plugin  
>> release around the time of G v1.2.0>
> This is totally not clear to me.  All our plugins are going to  
> depend heavily on geronimo code, why would we try to publish them  
> separately or before the artifacts they depend on are published?

This is classic chicken and egg... having G depend on G plugins that  
also depend on G for the plugin to be built.

This might have worked before in m1, but so far I have not been able  
to get a plugin built and then used in the same build cycle with m2.

What parts of the build need these plugins?  Is it just the config  
modules?  If so then we may need to split the build into two chunks,  
one that builds the modules and plugins, and then another than builds  
the configs and assemblies.


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