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From Jason Dillon <>
Subject Re: Lets start moving to m2
Date Thu, 29 Jun 2006 19:32:33 GMT
> FWIW I had talked with Jason Vanzyl yesterday here at Apachecon and  
> asked him about how they would do the conversion.  It was a short  
> conversation but his comment was that reorganizing the tree wasnt  
> overly critical but it makes sense at the right time.

I think it is probably more critical than Jason, but agree that it is  
not a show-stopper.  Lucky for us, out current module internal layout  
is reasonable enough to allow it to live asis for a while longer.

The layout of the actual modules is more of an issue, as common  
modules share common dependencies and configuration, that we want to  
share in a common parent... but, we don't want to push those  
dependencies and configurations on all of the modules.  So, it is  
fairly important to get to a point where we can reorganize modules  
into deeper trees and move away from the flat set of modules/configs/ 

> In his experience trying to move to a full M2 environment from M1  
> is best done incrementally and not all at once.

Not sure I agree with Jason here.  Experience has shown me that  
trying to do an incremental m1 to m2 while at the same time keeping a  
functional m1 build results in more work and much more time spent to  
achieve the same goal of getting onto m2 completely.  In some cases  
that incremental move can take some groups upwards of 6 months (and  
those groups did not have RTC to worry about, but instead had real  
features to block the m2 work).

It can be done... but can be costly.


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