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From David Blevins <>
Subject Re: Life After 1.1 - starting the new branch for 1.1.1 - some logistics and your input requested.
Date Thu, 22 Jun 2006 00:56:15 GMT
On Jun 21, 2006, at 5:18 PM, Jason Dillon wrote:

>> Hi Jason,
>> I agree that we should avoid branching.  But I do agree with the  
>> 1.1.1
>> branch.  It's a dead-end branch in that it's only used to prepare he
>> release.  Applying last minute fixes and changing version numbers.
>> Since it's a dead-end branch, once the release if approved
>> moving/deleting it makes sense.
> I would make those changes on the 1.1 branch (or trunk if we were  
> using that codebase), then release and let Maven make the tag and  
> then update the versions to the next SNAP.
> When moving to m2 we really need to follow the m2 release system,  
> else the number of changes to poms is going to get out of control  
> and will be very error prone.

s/is going to get out of control/has gotten out of control/

It's already a problem, hence the strong need for a "frozen" branch  
in which to switch the version numbers over.

For the weekly builds with the svn revision number instead of  
snaphsot, I use these commands to switch the version.

	perl -i.orig -pe 's,(-SNAPSHOT)?$,-$ENV{SVN_VERSION}, if /^ 
(geronimo.packaging.)?geronimo_?(.*?plugin_)?[Vv]ersion=/' etc/  plugins/*/*.properties

	perl -i.orig -pe '
s,(</currentVersion>),-$ENV{SVN_VERSION}$1, unless /SNAPSHOT/;
s,-SNAPSHOT(</(dep:)?version>),-$ENV{SVN_VERSION}$1, if $p2 =~ /< 
$p2=$p1; $p1=$_;
' plugins/*/project.xml plugins/geronimo-packaging-plugin/src/test- 

	perl -i.orig -pe 's,(-SNAPSHOT)?$,-$ENV{SVN_VERSION}, if / 
^geronimo...=/' etc/

Maven can't handle that.


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