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From "Jason Dillon" <>
Subject Re: I think groupIds in m2 build need improvement
Date Mon, 05 Jun 2006 20:57:58 GMT
> > I don't think we want to use org.apache.geronimo for everything...
> Can you supply a concrete use case?

Sure, I believe that we will eventually get G split up into a few
smaller chunks.

Probably, one tree of modules, that represents the very core of G,
none of the J2EE bits at all.  Then another that provides the J2EE
behaviors and then another that provides different flavors of J2EE
bits that can be plugged in.

org.apache.geronimo = core

org.apache.geronimo.j2ee = j2ee


Maven groupId's are very useful to organize components that work
together.  So, for example, if you just needed the basic core to run
your non-j2ee application on, then you would know that you just need
all of the org.apache.geronimo artifacts, and you would know that
something is starting to creep in if org.apache.geronimo.j2ee start to
pop up.

BTW, I do not believe that groupId's need to be 100% related to the
package names of classes that they contain either.  They should be
mostly related though...

> > I think it is premature to be talking about changing groupId's right now.
> I don't agree.  Unless I'm missing something, there's no point in waiting.

The reason why I think that it is premature is that we have not really
even begun to discus how to best restructure the source tree.  I do
believe that we really should do this once we move to m2.

The current structure was designed around how m1 worked and the
limitations of how the reactor found projects.  Now that m2 has a
better view on how this works, we are free to nest modules into more
domain specific groups.

While we could re-groupId now, we will probably end up doing it again
once we've restructured w/m2... so, I think that it would probably
have less impact to delay any major groupId changes until we get m2
support in place.


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