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From Jason Dillon <>
Subject Re: Apache Geronimo Knowledge Base
Date Thu, 22 Jun 2006 20:23:12 GMT
I think that the bulk of what is in  
should move to

I think that the KB space is really for stuff that does not fit well  
into other spaces (like docNN or geronimo), or stuff that is FAQ-like.

It looks like the moin content is current a mix of docNN, FAQ and  
project information.

I also think that we could probably merge GMOxPMGT into the geronimo  
space, but that is just a thought.

IMO, the important thing is to get the content into Confluence and  
out of moin.  Maybe start by adding them to the sandbox just to get  
them into the system, and then we can move stuff around from there.

Did you ever peek at those moin importers?


On Jun 22, 2006, at 12:55 PM, Hernan Cunico wrote:

> Hi Jason,
> what is the long term plan for this space? can we ultimately move  
> the MoinMoin content there?
> There is this GMOxSBOX space that we could get rid of and put the  
> knowledge base instead, see
> Let me know what you think
> Cheers!
> Hernan
> Jason Dillon wrote:
>> Okay, here ya go:
>> I did a few things...
>> First, I setup a geronimo team label, and labeled all of our  
>> spaces  (so from the dashboard you can see all of the G-related  
>> spaces  easily).  New spaces for G should also get this label  
>> added (have add  it manually after creation).
>> Then I added a {font-size} user-macro to help change font sizes.
>> I installed the navigation plugin (which gets us {scrollbar}).
>> I installed the footnotes plugin, see this for an example: http://  
>> And I installed the plugin repository client, which makes it  
>> easier  to manage plugin versions.  I need to know how to get the  
>> Utilities  plugin installed into WEB-INF/lib before I can enable  
>> some of the  other plugins, but that can wait.  If you have admin,  
>> you can see the  repository client page here:
>> plugins.action
>> Just be careful, cause sometimes installing a plugin will hose  
>> the  entire Confluence install, or need it to be bounced before it  
>> is usable.
>> Who is the point-man for bouncing/installing stuff for this?
>>  * * *
>> Basically there are 3 major sections (each of which could really  
>> be  its own space if needed, when we get more content, but for now  
>> will  work):
>>  FAQ - yada yada
>>  Topics - General KB stuff, not really FAQ
>>  Glossary - Definitions for terms
>> The way it works is that each bit of content is its own page.   
>> That  pages parent page is the section it is under.  The name of  
>> the page  is the topic title, or FAQ question, or glossary term.
>> Each content page has at the top {scrollbar}, so that it is easy  
>> to  navigate between all of the pages in the KB.
>> Sub-sections are also just pages, but with the  
>> {children:all=true}  macro to allow easy navigation to children.   
>> It is important to add  that, cause the default rendering of  
>> children pages at the bottom is  disabled.
>> The main indexes are dynamic, so you just have to add a page in  
>> the  right place and presto it updates.
>> Use the {excerpt} macro to provide a bit more detail that will   
>> compliment the page title in the listing.
>>  * * *
>> Once we get the Utilities plugin installed into WEB-INF/lib, we  
>> can  use the Zones plugin to setup dynamic templates for each of  
>> these  sections, and then you don't have to worry about the  
>> {scrollbar} or  {children} stuff, just add the content and the  
>> zone will render per  the zone template.
>> I have not yet set this up to auto-export, should probably do that  
>> soon.
>>  * * *
>> Comments?  Questions?  Yada yada...
>> --jason

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