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From Jason Dillon <>
Subject Re: Thoughts on using JIRA more effectively
Date Sat, 03 Jun 2006 05:30:42 GMT
> - a list of bugs that *someone* ought to look at for a release
> - features (and more rarely, bugs) that should be looked at, but not
> in the current release
> - features that people have asked for but are not possible in the  
> near term

If we got the JIRA label plugin ( 
display/JIRAEXT/JIRA+Label+Plugin ) installed we could add labels  
(aka tags) to issues to add this type of metadata to issues.

> - a screen showing issues with attached patches, perhaps by priority,
> perhaps by component

You can do this now, create a saved filter and then use the filter  
portlet on your dashboard to view the issues that match.

If we were actually using Confluence to render dynamic pages, then we  
could embed that same portlet into a page so that everyone can see  
the same data.  W/o you need to login to JIRA and configure a filter  
and portlet...

Maybe we could link to a few pages in cwiki directly... ?


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