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From "Aaron Mulder" <>
Subject Re: Request change to RTC Process
Date Sat, 17 Jun 2006 17:28:36 GMT
On 6/17/06, Rodent of Unusual Size <> wrote:
> RTC means that you can't unilaterally and arbitrarily do
> things *without* discussion.  Like, say, setting up a
> non-project-sponsored .com site and pointing project code at
> it without discussion.

Why are you so hung up on this?  The change was reviewed and issues
were raised and long ago we put in a list served from Apache hardware
so the community could adjust this (and they have chosen not to!).  I
don't see a problem.  This is how CTR works -- if there's an issue,
people raise it, and changes are made.  It doesn't seem sensible that
people are complaining about this months later.  It certainly doesn't
seem sensible to put a major crimp in project progress in order to
assure that no code goes in that hasn't been pre-discussed (except,
again, for a bug fix release like 1.1.1).

>> Now, you can argue in favor of this for a maintenance / bug-fix
>> release like 1.1.1, where the main goal is to improve quality and
>> extra eyes on every line may help avoid bugs.  But it's a significant
>> obstacle for a feature release like 1.2.
> Only if some specific date schedule is a factor.  And if it is,
> I ask again: why?

Because Geronimo doesn't exist in a vacuum.  We've started
significantly after competing open-source application servers such as
JOnAS, JBoss, and GlassFish.  We made great progress in getting to
J2EE 1.4 and we've put in some great innovations, but we're still
significantly behind.  GlassFish and JBoss both have Java EE 5
features, and we don't.  That's one of the key items on the agenda for
Geronimo 1.2.    I know you're not real interested in Java
development, but you must realize how much the tide has turned toward
lightweight development and architectures and technologies like AJAX
and SOA.  J2EE 1.4 is a significant obstacle to that -- the web
services features are terrible, EJB 2.x is anything but lightweight,
and the integration strategies are what, JAX-RPC, CORBA and J2EE
connectors?  That's a joke!

This is the time to hurry, not the time to stall.  I'll take a
breather once we have full clustering support, a lively community of
plugins, and a solid set of Java EE 5 features.


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