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From "Aaron Mulder" <>
Subject Re: Reloading GBeans during development
Date Sat, 17 Jun 2006 15:19:39 GMT
I haven't seen this before.  Perhaps it would help to do "mvn clean
package" instead of "mvn package" to make sure you always have the
latest code in your JAR?


On 6/17/06, Stefan Arentz <> wrote:
> I'm developing my first Geronimo plugin and so far all goes well,
> mostly thanks to all the great hints people are giving me here :-)
> My workflow is this: write code, mvn package, deployer.jar redeploy
> target/plugin.jar. This works most of the time, but what I see a lot
> is that I'm running old code, even though the redeploy happened
> without warnings or errors.
> The problem is rather vague and not reproducable but it does happen.
> I've seen my code print stuff to the log that simply isn't in the last
> version anymore.
> What helps is to do a full geronimo restart.
> Oh, my GBean only has a reference to the Kernel and the MBeanServer.
> Nobody references me. I think.
> Does this sound familiar? Anything I can do about it?
>  S.

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