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From "Aaron Mulder" <>
Subject [RTC] move geronimo/site to a trunk & branch
Date Thu, 08 Jun 2006 00:38:10 GMT
Currently, the code checked in to the geronimo/site repo does not (and
should not) correspond to our live web site.  My understanding is that
Hernan has a newer revision that he has not checked in (but it can be
seen at

I want to update the news and events on the current site to move the
expired events, add some 1.1 information, etc.  I want to do that to
the site as it exists on site today, until we're
in agreement about what it should look like next.  Currently I can't
do that unless I edit the HTML on minotaur directly and lose any
Subversion history (I believe the content on minotaur is as of

I propose we:
 - move geronimo/site to geronimo/site/branches/may2006
 - copy geronimo/site revision 411191 to geronimo/site/trunk
 - update the site sync script on minotaur to pull from geronimo/site/trunk

Then Hernan can check his pending changes into the new branch and I
can check my news and event updates into both the branch and trunk and
sync minotaur from trunk.  When we're all agreed that the branch
content is what we want, we can either merge it to trunk or move trunk
away and move the branch to be the new trunk.

I'm taking the slightly unusual step of not attaching a patch since I
think the description above is much more meaningful than the
equivalent tremendously large patch.  Here's my +1, can I get 3 more?


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