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From "Aaron Mulder" <>
Subject Re: 1.1 Candidate releases available
Date Wed, 07 Jun 2006 15:05:59 GMT
OK, so we have a small issue with the plugins.

They currently list the supported versions of Geronimo in their
metadata.  The idea is that we don't state that a plugin will run in
*any* version of Geronimo, we instead add each supported version as it
is released.  Currently that list only contains 1.1-SNAPSHOT.

Now I can go add 1.1-20060607 to the list of supported versions for
the 1.1 plugins, but we'll never be able to do that in advance.  It
would be nicer if the release candidates had more predictable names
(rc1, rc2, rc3, etc.) so we could add them to the supported version
list ahead of time.

We also have to decide how to handle SNAPSHOT versions of Geronimo.  I
don't really think we want the released 1.1 plugins to claim that they
support 1.2-SNAPSHOT, which may or may not be true depending on the
extent of the changes.  I'm currently planning to have a different
plugin repository for each major version of Geronimo, so the 1.1
plugin repository will be fairly stable and the 1.2 plugin repository
may need to be rebuilt a lot and won't likely have a very complete set
of plugins until the release.


On 6/7/06, Matt Hogstrom <> wrote:
> Geronimo Users and Developers,
> We've been busy little beavers this evening and would like to share the fruits of our
> First, may we present the candidate build of Geronimo in Octographic quality.  We have
big builds,
> little builds, some for Windows and others for Unix and of course the ever enjoyable
Tomcat and
> Jetty versions.  Please take some time to take these builds and verify that they meet
your exacting
> standards for a Geronimo Release.  As we like to say, "Big G, Little G and things that
rhyme with G."
> *Jetty*
> *Tomcat*
> Remaining items.
> 1. We need the ActiveMQ 3.2.4 to be released.
> 2. Finalize release notes (Hernan...can you pick this one up?  A set for today would
be good)
> 3. Move the remainging JIRAs out of 1.1.  (Aaron, Dain, anyone ?)
> 4. Fix OpenEJB Source.  I versioned and released it but I haven't fixed the SVN repo
yet.  I'll do
> this in the morning unless someone beats me to it.
> 5. A vote.  I'm note sure if this can qualify for a vote since there is a SNAPSHOT in
the release.
> It won't change but need to note that.  Thoughts?
> To complete an official release I need to finalize the project version and rebuild once
> Its late and I'm probably missing something so if there are barriers to completing the
final release
> please let me know ASAP.
> I expect we'll start a 1.1.1 straightaway but let's get this 1.1 out and going.
> Thanks in advance for taking time to review this release of AG 1.1.
> The Geronimo Development Team

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