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From "Jason Dillon" <>
Subject Re: DayTrader: Dynamic Ajax-based Web frontend --- update
Date Fri, 09 Jun 2006 16:32:27 GMT
Cool. :-)


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From: "J. Stan Cox" <>
Date: Thu, 08 Jun 2006 14:14:22
Subject: DayTrader:  Dynamic Ajax-based Web frontend --- update


I just wanted to send a quick follow up on previous note I sent out 
about adding a dynamic "Web 2.0" interface to DayTrader.  Progress has 
been slow due to other emergencies, but I should have some demo-able 
code to offer within a couple of weeks.

The "stock trading" theme of DayTrader is perfect for a rich, 
asynchronous, AJAX based front end. The idea got good support before and 
I think this will add alot to Geronimo as a sample application.

I'm specifically interested in doing some performance analysis to 
compare the overhead of "Web 2.0" over standard request/response style.

The original note with the basic design is below.  Again, I hope to have 
some code soon.....

J. Stan Cox

Original note:

I'm one of the original developers of the benchmark "Trade" that has 
been donated to Geronimo and is now known as "DayTrader".  It's amazing 
what this benchmark has been able to achieve over the last few years and 
we are very much looking forward to seeing it grow and flourish in the 
Open Source Geronimo environment.  We think it can become a real 
showcase for Geronimo's performance and capabilities.

We are interested in adding a rich, AJAX based Web interface for the 
DayTrader stock trading services.  DayTrader is a perfect type of 
application to leverage AJAX capablities.  We plan to collapse all of 
the current web pages into a single rich page with dynamic and 
asynchronous updates of stock prices, user holdings, buys/sells, etc.

We would leverage the DoJo AJAX toolkit which is being pulled into 
Apache MyFaces.  So, the basic architecture would look like:

browser<--- REST--->  DayTrader---SOAP---> DayTrader--- Java---> DayTrader
(dojo libs,                     proxy servlet               Web 
services             J2EE App
javascript)                   soap/rest transform

                                   |----------------------    GERONIMO  

J. Stan Cox

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