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From Jason Dillon <>
Subject Lets remove all these properties...
Date Tue, 27 Jun 2006 23:21:29 GMT
As I mentioned before in previous m2 related mails, most of the  
properties defined in the top-level pom are unneeded and can be  
removed to simplify the pom and reduce the fragility of the  

At the same time, all modules, that have something like <version>$ 
{geronimoVersion}</version> will be removed.

The listing of <dependencyManagement> items for Geronimo artifacts  
should also go.  This is just added overhead.  Each module that uses  
them needs to specify something like:


${pom.version} should always be equal to what ${geronimoVersion} is  
now.  The effect is this adds one more uniform line to the dependency  
where it is used, and removes a bunch of elements from the top-level  
dependencyManagement element.

Overall these changes reduce complexity of the build configuration,  
but should not alter the behavior of the build at all.

I'd like to start making these changes if there are no objections.


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