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From Jason Dillon <>
Subject Re: Unable to build using m2
Date Tue, 27 Jun 2006 21:05:40 GMT
>> But is it really needed to build the sever?
>  yes, how else would it have ejb support?

Are there no binary versions of OpenEJB that we integrate with?  If  
not, how can we get to that point...

Or we need to check in the OpenEJB tree to our project... and/or use  
a SVN property to force the OpenEJB sources to check out when G is  
checked out... but I think that would only be a short-term solution,  
as I believe that we need binaries to integrate with.  Having to  
build dependent projects as prerequisites for G to build is adding  
extra complexity and increasing the chances that the build will break.

> I haven't tried a top level build, maybe there are some bugs in it.

Is this the norm?  For developers to not run top-level builds?

> Maybe after jason's proposed splitting of modules into smaller more  
> focussed pieces we can release some kind of core geronimo jars and  
> they will be stable enough so it is plausible to release openejb on  
> a separate schedule.   Maybe openejb3 won't use any geronimo  
> classes and we'll have an openejb integration in geronimo.

Oh... what does OpenEJB need from G to build?  This is another  
chicken and egg... :-(

> These are giant changes far larger than the m2 conversion.  Until  
> we do something along those lines, I don't understand why we'd  
> assure that no builds ever worked by taking openejb out of the build.

I did not realize that OpenEJB was so closely coupled to the Geronimo  
code-base.  Can someone quickly explain what parts of G OpenEJB is  
dependent upon?



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