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From Matt Hogstrom <>
Subject [RTC] Clarification please from the PMC
Date Thu, 29 Jun 2006 08:55:03 GMT
There is a lot of work going on to migrate from Maven 1 to Maven 2 in our build.  A question
came up 
as to whether or not we needed [RTC] for that activity.  Please read an excerpt from David's
on the topic...

David Jencks wrote:
> AFAIK no one is planning to try to get 1.1 to build with m2.  I 
> certainly don't feel like I have time to deal with the RTC process for 
> something that requires zillions of trivial changes to get to work.

It would seem to me that the process for RTC would be to send an RTC about the Maven 1 ->
conversion with some preliminary ideas.   This type of activity is clearly incremental and
disruptive in nature potentially so here is how it would work.

[RTC] M1 - M2 converstion e-mail sent to dev
Developers review the "plan" (as not all changes are known) and they reach consensus about
significant change.  They get they're +1s from the group and begin their work.

They continue their work posting status e-mails to the group but are not required to get 3
+1s on 
every change but only changes where it would warrant some input (like changing directory layouts,

etc.)   Even these I see as informative and normal communication and not an [RTC] thread.

I believe the goal of RTC is to improve communication which in many instances it has.  In
the spirit 
of RTC we could complete the Maven 1 -> 2 conversion without large numbers of RTCs required.

I think this is inline but would like your clarification.

Recently I think Jeff requested an RTC to update the committers page which I think falls outside
the RTC requirement so based on these two examples I believe there is still come confusion.



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