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From Matt Hogstrom <>
Subject Defining the 1.1.1 release content
Date Tue, 27 Jun 2006 22:35:31 GMT
Now that 1.1 is finally out the door I'd like to start getting 1.1.1 defined.  One of the areas
think we can learn from in our previous releases is that we didn't have a good set of release


For this release I propose that we keep JIRA's that are focused on bug fixes in terms of poor

usability (NPE,s poor messages, etc.) errors (can't adjust server parameters, etc.) or just
plain old bugs.  It would be nice to turn the release around in about 2-3 weeks so keep that
in mind 
  when looking at the existing JIRAs.

Right now there are approximately 64 JIRAs in 1.1.1.  Would everyone to take a few minutes
to review 
the JIRA's that are currently targeted for 1.1.1.  I'm not sure how to best track the issues
as many 
of them have people assigned to work on them.  If you are interested in fixing this JIRA please

leave it assigned to yourself.  If not then it would let people that are interested in addressing

issues in 1.1.1 that its available to be taken.

We'll then take a pass at the list in a few days after people have had a change to review
them and 
make an assessement of what's realistic and vote to define the release.

If there are JIRA's that you think are too big (not really a bug fix) then please feel free
to move 
it to an appropriate target release.

Jason, you seem to be the JIRA master so if you have any pearls of wisdom :)


Let bug fest 1.1.1 begin.


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