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From Jules Gosnell <>
Subject Re: Dublin - Clustering get-together.... - Thurs aft/eve..
Date Tue, 27 Jun 2006 16:59:29 GMT
Matt Hogstrom wrote:
> Jules its great you'll make it over here.  I haven't really followed 
> clustering since it was withdrawn from the Incubator so my apologies for 
> not being current.
> It would be excellent to see what Wadi is doing.

not just WADI - but a wholistic approach to all Geronimo's clustering 

> However, Given the recent issue with the meeting in JavaOne I'm not sure 
> I'm following the Covalent sponsorship since we'll be having the 
> disucssion at an ApacheCon.  Forgive me but I'm a little sensitive to 
> the Corporate Sponsorship and Committers getting together ;-0

Matt - I don't think that the problem was with sponsorship, but rather 
exclusion... (maybe I've misunderstood something?). Covalent are simply 
providing a room and beer. The invitation is open to the entire 
community and you will be driving the meeting. However, if you are still 
uncomfortable with arrangements, I shall ask Covalent to back out and 
I'll find an alternate route. The important thing is that we don't waste 
this opportunity to get together interested parties and discuss relevant 
issues, broadband... ?

So, should we ask Covalent to bow out ?

> Anyway, I am in Dublin and am available.  I think my only time 
> constraints are Friday afternoon and a Wednesday night session I'm 
> moderating at 1700.

excellent - I'll come back to the list as soon as I have a venue.


> Cheers
> Matt
> Jules Gosnell wrote:
>> It looks like I am going to make it to Dublin afterall.
>> I think this will be a good chance for anyone interested in Geronimo 
>> clustering to get together and talk about scope, architecture, 
>> resourcing, roadmap etc - in short, anything that we need to get the 
>> beast rolled out.
>> Here is a link to a clustering architecture overview that I put 
>> together some time ago - it's a little out of date. It doesn't mention 
>> Lingo, which should be very useful for cluster management, the 
>> proposed Session API or recent developments with geronimo-cache etc... 
>> but it is a good starting point to demostrate the direction that I am 
>> coming from.
>> Covalent have kindly offered to host the meeting - its just up to us 
>> to provide some content and some people :-)
>> Everyone with an interest in clustering is welcome. It will be very 
>> informal, structure depending largely on who turns up.
>> If you would like to come, we need to know ASAP so that we can find a 
>> window that will fit with the majority of your time constraints, so, 
>> please join the thread and let us know. We are thinking of some time 
>> thursday afternoon or evening. If you cannot make a slot during this 
>> window, please mention it.
>> looking forward to seeing you all there,
>> Jules

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