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From Mivz <>
Subject Error calling function Protocol status : 1312,FormatMessage failed with 1815
Date Tue, 27 Jun 2006 11:39:43 GMT
Hello Anders Hessellund Jensen,

Sorry for this way of making contact, but it was the only lead in google
for my problem.

I have a problem you have encountered before. You raise the problem in

I also get the following when doing client kerberos authentication on a
Windows XP machine:

Error calling function Protocol status : 1312
FormatMessage failed with 1815

Did you solve this? It should be possible to authenticate your client
application to a kerberos service without configuring a Windows domain
right? Also, it did not happen with earlier Java version 1.4.
I just made my app 1.5 compatible. But now it won't authenticate anymore.

Hope you can help to explain this situation.

Harrie Hoogeveen

ps: this problem is also raised twice at the Sun Java form, without
being answered.

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