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From Matt Hogstrom <>
Subject 1.1 Release Voting Results - 1.1 is approved
Date Fri, 23 Jun 2006 08:51:07 GMT
I tallied the votes so far and have 5 +1 Votes from the PMC and 1 +0.  4 PMC members did not

11 Commiters voted +1 and there was 1 +0.  7 Committers did not vote.

It appears that 1.1 has been voted a release !!

Today I will begin staging the jars to the mirror system and send the Press release to the
PRC for 
release next Monday or their earliest convenience.  I will also get the web site updated as
well as 
move branches/1.1.0 to tags/1.1.0.

Thanks to everyone that helped to get this release out.


Voting summary

+1 from PMC Members
Davanum Srinivas
Gianny D'Amour
Jacek Laskowski (verbal...Jacek lost his connection but gave his verbal +1, Jacek can you
confirm this)
John R. Sisson
Sachin P. Patel

Ken Coar

*PMC Members who have not voted:*
Geir Magnusson Jr.
Greg Wilkins
Jan Bartel
Jules Gosnell

+1 from Committers
Alan Cabrera
Dain Sundstrom
David Blevins
David Jencks
Hernan Cunico
Hiram R. Chirino
Jeff Genender
Joe Bohn
Kevan Miller
Matt Hogstrom
Rick McGuire

+0 from Committers
Jason Dillon

*Commiters who have not voted:*
Aaron Mulder
Bruce Snyder
James Strachan
Jeremy Boynes
Mark DeLaFranier
Simone Bordot
Srinath Perera

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