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From Hernan Cunico <>
Subject Re: Apache Geronimo Knowledge Base
Date Thu, 22 Jun 2006 21:21:23 GMT
Jason Dillon wrote:
> I think that the bulk of what is in  
> should move to
> I think that the KB space is really for stuff that does not fit well  
> into other spaces (like docNN or geronimo), or stuff that is FAQ-like.

That was the original idea behind GMOxSBOX
> It looks like the moin content is current a mix of docNN, FAQ and  
> project information.
> I also think that we could probably merge GMOxPMGT into the geronimo  
> space, but that is just a thought.

Merging one space into another is way much easier than spliting a space in two. I would keep
separated for now and then evaluate the benefit of merging. That goes for merging content
into the plain geronimo space.
> IMO, the important thing is to get the content into Confluence and  out 
> of moin.  Maybe start by adding them to the sandbox just to get  them 
> into the system, and then we can move stuff around from there.

That's the plan
> Did you ever peek at those moin importers?

I'm looking at migration alternatives right now.

Can we make an export of the Geronimo "space" in Moin Moin? I don't know how to do it. If
I can get 
a copy of the wiki I'll be doing the migration tools testing on my machine.

> --jason
> On Jun 22, 2006, at 12:55 PM, Hernan Cunico wrote:
>> Hi Jason,
>> what is the long term plan for this space? can we ultimately move  the 
>> MoinMoin content there?
>> There is this GMOxSBOX space that we could get rid of and put the  
>> knowledge base instead, see
>> Let me know what you think
>> Cheers!
>> Hernan
>> Jason Dillon wrote:
>>> Okay, here ya go:
>>> I did a few things...
>>> First, I setup a geronimo team label, and labeled all of our  spaces  
>>> (so from the dashboard you can see all of the G-related  spaces  
>>> easily).  New spaces for G should also get this label  added (have 
>>> add  it manually after creation).
>>> Then I added a {font-size} user-macro to help change font sizes.
>>> I installed the navigation plugin (which gets us {scrollbar}).
>>> I installed the footnotes plugin, see this for an example: http://  
>>> And I installed the plugin repository client, which makes it  easier  
>>> to manage plugin versions.  I need to know how to get the  Utilities  
>>> plugin installed into WEB-INF/lib before I can enable  some of the  
>>> other plugins, but that can wait.  If you have admin,  you can see 
>>> the  repository client page here:
>>> plugins.action
>>> Just be careful, cause sometimes installing a plugin will hose  the  
>>> entire Confluence install, or need it to be bounced before it  is 
>>> usable.
>>> Who is the point-man for bouncing/installing stuff for this?
>>>  * * *
>>> Basically there are 3 major sections (each of which could really  be  
>>> its own space if needed, when we get more content, but for now  will  
>>> work):
>>>  FAQ - yada yada
>>>  Topics - General KB stuff, not really FAQ
>>>  Glossary - Definitions for terms
>>> The way it works is that each bit of content is its own page.   That  
>>> pages parent page is the section it is under.  The name of  the page  
>>> is the topic title, or FAQ question, or glossary term.
>>> Each content page has at the top {scrollbar}, so that it is easy  to  
>>> navigate between all of the pages in the KB.
>>> Sub-sections are also just pages, but with the  {children:all=true}  
>>> macro to allow easy navigation to children.   It is important to add  
>>> that, cause the default rendering of  children pages at the bottom 
>>> is  disabled.
>>> The main indexes are dynamic, so you just have to add a page in  the  
>>> right place and presto it updates.
>>> Use the {excerpt} macro to provide a bit more detail that will   
>>> compliment the page title in the listing.
>>>  * * *
>>> Once we get the Utilities plugin installed into WEB-INF/lib, we  can  
>>> use the Zones plugin to setup dynamic templates for each of  these  
>>> sections, and then you don't have to worry about the  {scrollbar} or  
>>> {children} stuff, just add the content and the  zone will render per  
>>> the zone template.
>>> I have not yet set this up to auto-export, should probably do that  
>>> soon.
>>>  * * *
>>> Comments?  Questions?  Yada yada...
>>> --jason

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