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From Matt Hogstrom <>
Subject Re: [VOTE] Geronimo 1.1, DayTrader 1.1 and Specs 1.1 Final-2 Vote
Date Tue, 20 Jun 2006 22:15:49 GMT
The corrections applied due to license files are first in this list.  Thanks to John for dogging

The distributions and builds were not affected.  Based on previous feedback the vote continues.

Thanks for your feedback.

*Geronimo 1.1 Version*

John noted that the source zip had a META-INF.  I've created a script to use in the future
with so many changes forgetting to use zip and typing jar is not acceptable. Also, note that
build itself has the LICENSE and NOTICES in two different places.  The are located in 
modules/scripts/src/main/resources/ which put the right files in the distributions however
werenot correctly specified for source as the LICENSE and NOTICES are part of the source tree.

After this release we need to address this issue so as to avoid manual problems like this.

    *DayTrader 1.1 Version*

Corrected LICENSE and NOTICES files.   Use zip rather than jar to create zip.


Corrected LICENSE and NOTICE files in ear.

John, whats the correct command to set the properties?  Or, would you like to address these?

No changes to the below files.

    *Full J2EE Jetty Version*

    *Minimal Jetty Version*

    *Full Tomcat Version*

    *Minimal Tomcat Version*

    *Geronimo 1.1 Spec Jars*


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